Our scleral lenses have been a huge success and a truly rewarding experience for both of our patients and doctors. It has been a game changer to our practice in that we are expanding our technology innovation to be able to provide patients with significantly improved vision.

No longer do our patients who have lived with a poor vision for decades, who have the potential to see clearer but were limited to the vision provided by glasses and traditional contact lenses, have to settle for poorer vision. Our patients have been amazed and grateful for the improved vision achieved with a well-fitted scleral lens! In many cases our patients have seen improvement to 20/20!

Our optometrists are trained in fitting highly customizable scleral lenses for the management of keratoconus and other corneal and ocular surface diseases as well as those with high prescriptions who were unable to see clearly out of their glasses or normal soft contact lenses.

Our keratoconus patient went from 20/50 to 20/20 with a well-fitted, customized scleral lens. 

Examining the placement of a scleral lens involves instilling a fluorescein dye to ensure proper fit of the lens onto the cornea.

We use UV light to illuminate and examine the fluorescein dye pattern. The dye creates a tear layer which allows us to determine if there is any bearing (touch) and clearance (no touch) of the lens or any bubbles that may be a cause for discomfort.

We can then easily adjust the parameters of the lens for a customized, perfect fit. We did this for one of our many keratoconus patients as it is a great treatment option.