As our commitment to you, we provide thorough comprehensive eye exams that consists of assessing key areas of your vision and eye health: vision, binocular status (eye alignment, movement and motility), refractive status (prescription) and ocular health. We also take into consideration your lifestyle, daily visual demands and working distances to prescribe the right lenses that you need to see your best.


As part of our commitment to provide patient-friendly exams, the iCare Tonometer and the Optos Optomap eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience associated with eye drops. As a result, you will not experience stinging or numbing during the measurement.


Sometimes one pair of glasses doesn't work for all and we can recommend specialized lenses that are focused on the areas you need to see the clearest.


A simple screening test is no substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Have your child’s eyes examined as recommended to make sure he or she has normal vision in both eyes, the eyes function together properly as a team and that the eyes are healthy.

Your child should have a comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age, 3 years of age and prior to entering kindergarten as recommended by the American Optometric Association.


Amblyopia or "lazy eye" that is detected early in life can be promptly treated to avoid reduced vision and severe visual disability.


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