Due to CA Governor Newson’s order to close indoor mall operations, our office is temporarily closed until further notice.

Rest assured, we are still here for you! 

Glasses and contacts are available for curbside pick-up by appointment only. Please call us at (323) 720-1600 from Monday through Saturday from 9am-5pm or email us at hello@eyepeopleoptometry.com if you’d like to request a curbside pick-up time.

If you have glasses or contacts on order, we will reach out to you to schedule a pick-up time once we receive your order. 


Curbside Pick-Up Instructions:

  1. Reserve a curbside pick-up time by calling us at (323) 720-1600, Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm.
  2. At your reserved time, arrive at the designated curbside pick-up parking spots at “Zone 9” located between Macy’s Home and JC Penney on the south end of the mall next to N Montebello Blvd — Please note that this is on the other side of the mall and not at the closest entrance to us.
  3. Call us at (323) 720-1600 once you have arrived and provide us with your first and last name, DOB and vehicle description.

We will be out shortly with your glasses or contacts!

Please pardon our wait time as we will be coming from the other end of the mall — we have our running shoes ready!