Our office is now OPEN by appointment!

Special Appointment Check-In Procedures:

  1. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment time
  2. Park near “Zone 9” located between Macy’s Home and JC Penney on the south end of the mall next to N Montebello Blvd — Please note that this is on the other side of the mall and not at the closest entrance to us.
  3. Call us at (323) 720-1600 once you have arrived and wait at the mall entrance doors next to the security office
  4. A staff member in black scrubs will be out shortly to escort you to the office!

*Please note that the mall is still closed and a staff member will escort you to and from the office during your appointment time. Please park near “Zone 9” (located on the other side of the mall), call us when you arrive and wait by the mall entrance doors (not the closest entrance to us). 

Please pardon our wait time as we will be coming from the other end of the mall — we have our running shoes ready!