Blue-light anti-reflective coatings block out the blue-violet light emitted from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens, preventing it from entering the eye, making your vision more comfortable, less fatigued and protected.

Blue-violet light exposure can influence the circadian rhythm, increase your risk for macular degeneration and may cause photochemical damage to the retina.

We recommend the blue-light blocking technology to anyone who spends time on any digital device.

Learn more here at ZEISS BlueProtect. 

TBL: Blue-violet light blocking technology is similar to what UV protection does in sunglasses. We know to use sunglasses and sunblock to protect our skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays outside but now we are beginning to learn the effects of blue-violet light emitted by our screens and that we should also be protecting our eyes from our screens. Blocking the blue-violet light from entering your eyes will also reduce eyestrain and digital fatigue as well. It’s like sunglasses but for your computer screens (stays clear).